July 25, 2017

Moira - progress on two fronts

I've made progress on two fronts over the last week.

The row-by-row quilt is now together and I only have the bottom row to finish and the quilting will be done.  This pic shows the top together (except for the side borders).   Will finish the quilting today and hopefully get the side borders sewn on, with binding to go on Thursday in all likelihood (going out to supper with a friend Wed. night).   I'm aiming to turn this in this week.

And thanks to the owner at a great local quilt shop, I was able to get the commissioned swans quilt basted on Saturday.  This is the next quilt on my plate to finish off as soon as the row-by-row is done.


ladyhawthorne said...

Your row by row quilt is so FUN! I knew a little boy once who would be spending his time running his hot wheels over the little road.

Moira said...

Thanks! I've had fun tweaking some of the rows I used so that they would fit a little boy instead of a grown quilter. =)