July 25, 2017

Angela ~ Embroidered Bible Covers

The embroidered piece was appliqued onto the black base cover and gold metallic thread was used in a blanket stitch around the edge.

Then added black satin ribbons to tie the sides together as it looked rather unfinished without that.

I'm now working on a second one in purple with a Celtic cross on the front and thistles on the back.  I intend to leave the spine plain in case the buyer would like a name, initials or a date added.

This is the pocket bible it will go on.
Nice little bible with a bookmark ribbon and faux gold leafed page edges...and for the huge sum of $1 at Dollar Tree!  They also come in black.

1 comment:

Moira said...

The finished cover is beautiful! and the pocket cover that you've got in process is going to be lovely. I really like the motif with the thistle.