July 17, 2018

Angela ~ More Necklaces Made

I made 3 more necklaces to sell on Poshmark.  I definitely have a red theme going, the first 2 are a rusty red.

Moira - Row-by-Row Quilt Top Finished

This years Row-by-Row quilt top is finished.    Finished size is 46" wide by 70" long.  Most likely will be donated.

Bottom half of the quilt.  4 row's in it.

Quilt stats -

       -- Scraps
       -- Remnants (backgrounds)
       -- Orphan block components (HST's used in the filler blocks).

Completed Top here -

Fabric Count -
       -- 137 different fabrics were used in the construction of this top.

Row Count -
       -- Rows from 9 different Quilt Shops are in the quilt
       -- 5 different filler rows were used to space things out

Techniques Used -
       -- Paper-piecing
       -- "Regular" piecing
       -- Fusible applique with buttonhole and satin stitching in various blocks
       -- "Twister" block method for doing the "floor" of the upper left most row.   A method I won't use again because I didn't like dealing with all of the bias edges and I don't have the specialty ruler for it.

Embellishments -
        -- 3/8's inch button for the eye of the topmost bird
        -- 5/8's inch buttons for the center of the records.

July 10, 2018

Judy ~ Not Much to Report

I've got several projects going at the moment, but I do have a couple of finishes, too.
I finished another dishcloth and a pair of socks.  Here they are:

The color is called Rainbow.

I'm disappointed with the socks because they bled (worse than any other yarn I have ever
 used) when I soaked them for blocking. Can you tell the difference between the photos?

 I am going to quit now because Blogger is acting weird.  Have a good week!

Angela ~ A Cat & a Fish

Yay!  The aida cloth is much easier to work on than the linen.  I think the issue is not just my eyes but also the gray threads against the beige fabric.  But if I get enough light on it, I can now see it.
Just so you know, the darkest area is the cat's nose.  You can see how the lightest gray kind of blends in with the fabric which is actually a beige color.

I also repaired some holes in the back of a favorite shirt for my sweetheart.
The front of the shirt has a fish in these colors so I added one to the back to cover the holes.  The fins are a bit wonky but it was too small to applique it any better,

Moira: Surfacing again

One of the biggest things I've accomplished over the last 2 weeks is to get through all of the boxes that were out in the garage. 

I've also managed to get some work in on my row by row quilt for this year.  All fabrics have been from my stash.  The top half is now together and includes rows from 5 different quilt shops.  The filler block sections have been made from orphan HST's and some of the leftover red and blue fabric from making the top left-most row in the quilt.

The filler strip in the middle are 1" finished triangles that were bonus triangles from a long ago project.....I think the wedding quilt for my nephew.  I don't remember where the one underneath the record on the left came from.   But they finish at  1.5" in size.  Neither of them are sizes that I normally work with.

White buttons (not shown in the pic) to the records to show the center hole.

Second half of the quilt is in process.  Three rows have been completed for this section, with one more in process.   The filler section of Churn Dash blocks was made with more orphan HST's and scraps.

The buttonhole stitching still needs to be done on the redbird row at the left.   The final row which is 12" by 27" finished is almost done (just needs one more seam).  I'm planning on making 6" by 3" flying geese for the final filler section needed.

July 3, 2018

Angela ~ Trying Again

 The new reading glasses help but the gray threads on off white linen was just too frustrating to continue.  This is all I accomplished in an hour.
So I bought a piece of linen color aida in 14 count.  I marked off the center to get me started.
I think this will work because I can see the holes.  Most of it will be covered in stitches anyway.
I don't know about everyone else, but it's over 100 F every day here in N Central TX and I'm already sick of it.  This will be a good project for staying inside in the a/c.

June 26, 2018

Judy ~ I Remembered!

Another month is almost gone! I find myself wondering who sped up the clock as every day seems to vanish in the blink of an eye , and I finally remembered to post something!

Speaking of graduation, I made this bracelet for our grand niece who recently graduated from high school and is off to college at UCSD in the fall.

Do you remember this one?  Well, that yarn from Hobby Lobby is most generous, and I got two more dish cloths from that ball.  The first one had a funky corner and the second one was a bit better.

Believe it or not, there was a small amount of yarn left after the second one, er, really the third one!  This pattern  is a variation on Grandma's Favorite.

Moira - I'm Back!

I've been in the house for 2 weeks now, time flies when you're having fun.   Making progress in getting things unpacked and arranged.  Still hunting for several things though that I need to find and had packed in "an easy to find place" (NOT!).     I am finding things though that have been packed for 5 to 10 years - pictures and photos, sentimental pieces from family and friends, along with lots of things that I need to go through and weed out.

Was finally to the point where I could start sewing again this past weekend.  And because I can't find the fabrics for the sewing projects that have deadlines on them I started collecting and putting together rows for the 2018 Row-by-Row.  This years rows have a music theme to them.   Here is the first one that I have finished other than sewing a button on for the birds eye.

I'm also currently working on a set of three swap blocks, but don't have pics of the one I have finished.

Angela ~ Still No Updates or Photos

Too much happening here to get any sewing done.  Mom to therapy 3 times a week, cooking & cleaning the kitchen every day, garden work, some of it major changes and life in general.  Maybe next week?  I hope!
In better news, I have lost 40 pounds since mid January and I'm pretty happy about that!

June 19, 2018

Angela ~ Cat Cross stitch update

No pics this week from me. 
I did about 20 stitches on the cat piece and had to frog out half of them.
Even with my strongest reading glasses and strong light, I had trouble seeing clearly enough.
It might be the light gray thread on the light tan linen.
Or it could be the 28ct linen even though I am going over 2 threads.
Then again it could just be my eyes are getting worse.
I picked up a new pair of readers in 3.25 which was the strongest they had.
I'll be trying them out and see if they help.

June 12, 2018

Cyra ~ Some fiberart fun

I was at my usual weekly quilt group meeting, but I was stuck, and could not continue stitching on my quilt. So, I found some spare pieces of fabric, dropped the feed-dogs on the sewing machine, and started free-motion stitching a continuous line drawing straight onto the fabric.

Two panels later, I have 'me & him' caricatures, which I then framed with fabric to make two quilt blocks. 

Judy ~ I Haven't Disappeared!

A couple of Tuesdays have come and gone with no word from me.  It's been the typical May/June crazies here, but I have done a little bit of knitting.  A couple pairs of booties have popped off the needles for the a couple choir Grandma's first grandchildren.

 I'll bet you can even guess the sex of these two babies, right?  Have a great week, and I will try to post more frequently.

Angela ~ Cross stitch Cat

The cat I have had for 18 years passed away Sunday morning.  He had a good long life and though it was hard watching him leave us, it was time.  About a year ago I found a cross stitch pattern that looked like him and I saved it in my computer - the one that died about 2 months ago.  So after some more searching on Pinterest, I found it again and downloaded it to my Chromebook.
 If I can see the pattern well enough, I'm going to start it.  It is only sold as a kit with 3 images and this image is the only one that looks like my Chaucer.  Plus the kit is like $50 and ships from the UK.  It's just not in my budget. 
I always enjoy a good challenge and this will be one.

Moira - I'm alive!

I'm moved!   Not totally unpacked or fully arranged, but not doing badly.   You can see pics of what the place looked like over on my blog here - House Pics.

When I was packing I was putting away my scraps and found that I had more than would fit, so I ended up pulling one bag to work on using up.  This particular bag was filled with strips and strings of various sizes, widths and colors.  Here is what the pile looked like before I started sewing with them.  Some of them were fairly good sized so those went back to the scrap stash. 

I first sorted the rest first by color, ending with with piles in reds/pinks, blues/purples, greens, cream background prints, and yellows/golds/oranges.   And then each color by size of strips as I work with them.

Pinks and reds were first up to be sewn together.  Largest pieces are about 22" wide (half of a full width strip).

Blues and purples were next up.

The greens were the final color grouping that I was able to get sewn together. I think I have more sections to go with these somewhere.

The yellows/golds/oranges will be my next ones to work with.

I have an idea of what I might do with them, but nothing is set in stone at this point.   And i'm not sure when I'll get to work on them again because I've got several pressing projects coming up.

May 29, 2018

Angela ~ Rosaries

No real stitching this past week but I did make 2 new rosaries to sell.
This one is made of purple glass beads and the larger beads are amethyst quartz.
This one is made with glass pearls.  In both cases the crosses are vintage.

Moira - Moves, UFOs and scraps

Made progress on several projects over the long weekend when I wasn't hauling stuff to the new house.  This in spite of fighting an ugly allergic reaction to the sheets I was using on my bed.  Heat + microfiber sheets + me are not a good combo.

I've got two more boxes of kitchen stuff and what I've left to use between now and the move to go for that room and it will be completely set up.      Hard to tell what has been done here, but everything I've taken over so far is in it's spot in the cabinets with lots of extra space in them, and I've gotten the baker's rack together.  I needed this because I needed more counter space for two of my spice racks that were too tall to go under the cabinets.  I also managed to get curtains up where they were needed.

There will be more loads of stuff going over this week and next before the big move, but not tonight because I need to work on a row hop pattern that I have a pattern draft due by the middle of the month - Yikes!

First project up was finishing off the HST's used in this quilt top and then putting them together.  These were a UFO that I bought from the scrap barrel from my local quilt shop here.  I added a remnant  of a Kona red that I had in my stash and cut the needed triangles and squares.  This is 32" square at this point and still needs a border or two to finish it off.   It will be donated at some point.

I then switched over to working with these rail fence blocks that came from somewhere.   I don't even remember where now.   Fabrics are both batiks.   Blocks are 4" finished, so this is definitely not finished at this point.  I'll need to add multiple borders to this to get it up to a size for donation, but have no idea at this point of what I want to add.   Stash-diving here I come to find something.  =)
And the last project that I worked on this weekend were adding a border of WOW fabric to these blocks.   Made with 30's repro fabrics they are from a long ago swap with online friends.  They will be set with scrappy 30's repro sashing and cornerstones cut form more of the WOW used as block borders. 

May 22, 2018

Cyra ~ busy, busy, busy stitching

The grey and green background that I made while on that lovely stitching retreat a couple of weeks ago, has turned into a quilted tote-style bag.
Splat on one side, and a Swirl on the other.



This fun fiberart small quilt is now hanging in the towns meeting room along with about 18 similarly size 'self-portrait' quilts, haha. 

And I use the words 'self-portrait' very loosely.
(this is nothing like me really, lol)

The mini-me has a scrap strip fabric dress embellished with free-motion scrolls, a crochet bag with embroidered flowers, and she has a needle-felted head, hair AND boobs, and she wears metal wire glasses and two thread friendship bracelets. 
Her sandals (flip-flops or jandals) are made with a tiny buttonhole stitch in black thread.
The other mini-me's are all on a similar background with the same binding, and they are all connected together with fabric tabs in the same colour as the binding. 


I have finished a quilted chair back cover, or antimacassar, for the old-rocker in the lounge.
It's the Snowball block.


My old teapot cozy bit the dust (it was only about 12 years old lol) so I made a new one.
Love the kiwi fruit fabric for the kitchen.


And my final show for this week is a couple of 'containers'.
Basically made as thread-catchers, but can be used for a number of different things as well.

I need one of these next to my sewing machine because I'm always losing the seam-ripper or little scissors or the feet for the machine or the bobbins or.............

These nice containers will hold everything I need right there.

So you can see I have been sewing up a storm since the retreat. 
It was a great way to get me back on track.

All for now.
Happy Stitching

Judy~It's done!

We are back home from the Midwest, and life is getting back to normal, whatever that is!

And here it is the long-awaited mystery finish!  I plan to hand it in today to the nurse who requested it.  Can you guess what it is?  No, it's not a water bottle holder.  Here's the link just is case you get a similar request!

Have a great week!

Moira - Wolf Quilt

I finished off the wolf quilt top this weekend...woohoo.......  It now goes in the to be quilted pile that will be worked on once I'm in the house and have my quilt frame set up.

Stats on the quilt top -

Pattern used -

Free cross-stitch pattern found on the internet of a wolf (altho I've had one person tell me it looks like a malamute dog they used to have)

50 rows in the quilt, with 33 squares in each, for 1650 total squares.  2" finished squares were used to make the quilt.

Over 110 different fabrics used in the quilt in various shades of black, grey and creams.  Fabrics were from scraps, FQ's in my stash, and long-third yardage that I bought to get enough different fabrics for the quilt.

Finished size - 66" wide by 100" long

And I closed on my house yesterday afternoon.   Full move in will be on June 9th.

May 15, 2018

Moira - Running Late

First up was the wolf quilt I'm working on.   I finished 12 more rows completed on it and added to the rest.   That makes 28 rows completed out of 50 rows in the quilt.  

It is now complete through the eyes and the design is starting to be clearer now.   I'm now starting on the forehead of the wolf and will soon be working on the ears.   At this rate I may get this together before the move happens.

At the rate I'm using the squares I've got cut out I have a feeling that I'll have to cut more to finish off this quilt because there are probably close to 300 black pieces in the top 14 rows alone and I doubt I have enough cut to get it finished.   I figure though that any extra ones will give me a head start on what I'll need to cut for the next scrap quilt which will be a panda - lots of black and white in that one!

Next I worked on using the remaining strips and strings of green that were pulled and made 9 more blocks to go with these 3.   Still to be done is add flowers to them and trim them to 10.5" in size.

Packing was also done.   I close on the house on the 21st, and move in on June 9th.