November 21, 2017

Angela ~ Mermaid Journal with Stitched in Pages

I did not get any more done on the cardinal blocks.  But I did finish another journal.
This one has a mermaid theme.  And in the chain decoration on the spine is a mermaid bracelet I made.  So you get a journal and a bracelet.
This photo is to prove I really did get some sewing done!  There are 6 signatures (groups of pages) and I used a variegated blue embroidery thread to stitch them to the spine of the book.  
This is just inside the front cover.  There are 120 pages with many vintage mermaid images printed on them and lots of blank journaling pages.  There are quotes about mermaids too.  Watercolored paper, tea stained paper, vintage paper and a few envelope pockets.
I'm as happy with this one as I was the fairy journal, maybe more so.  I think I have found my niche!

The advent calendar book sold right away to the same friend that ordered the fairy journal, lol.

Moira - Distractions and Progress

I've been working on the wedding quilt for my niece over the last week.   I figure there are 3 stages to putting the blocks together - making the flying geese, then putting the FG into the block sections, and finally putting the blocks together.    So lots of work on step 1 there - I've got enough of the FG sections to put together about 10 blocks out of the 25 that I need for the quilt.  Lots more to come for the blocks and for the border.

And then because I have a short attention span, I decided to do something different as well over the weekend.   Moda Fabrics and Aurifil thread are co-sponsoring a challenge to use Moda precuts and Aurifil thread to make a mini quilt. 

I decided to make one using one of the Moda charm packs that I've had in my stash forever....and in this case don't even remember where I got this from. 

I used 13 charm squares for the top, 9 more for the backing, and then 6 charm squares for the binding.  So a total of 28 squares out of the 42 that were in the original pack.

Fabrics aren't my style, and it's hard for me to work with ones that are matchy-matchy and blendy.........but once I decided on the blue for the stars it all worked out ok.

I'll either put it up for sale or give it as a gift to someone.

With the holiday weekend coming up I'll continue to work on the wedding quilt, but also plan to get a quilt top for Sunshine finished up so that I can get a stack of tops sent of off for quilting.   One of the tops will be for a challenge as well.

November 14, 2017

Angela ~ Advent Journal & Cardinal Quilt Blocks

Last week I showed you the cover of the advent journal.
Let me show you an inside page that also has actual sewing on it!
Click on the photo to make it larger.  
I created pockets of paper that were sewn to the scrapbook paper and most of the tags are covered in Christmas fabrics.  This journal was up on Ebay for less than an hour before a friend saw my post on Facebook and went and bought it.

In other sewing news, yes! more sewing!  I am making a Christmas quilt for Mom.  She bought fabrics back in 2002, I saw the receipts in the box, and never made anything.  I have been looking for a pattern for 2 years, one that would be a little different.  I found just a photo on Pinterest of a cardinal block.  Drew it out and began cutting fabrics.
I've gotten 4 of the 18 sewn together so far.
The beaks are fussy cut from a fabric with gold bells and the are appliqued on.  The rest is all pieced.  Please excuse the wonkiness, I haven't finished pressing them yet.
I'm thinking dark green sashing, there will be 3 across and 6 down for a twin size quilt.


Lots of sewing and prep work been going on around my place this past  week. 

Finished off the table topper before the blog hop using my new block design.    You can read the full post about this design and see the other layout possibilities by clicking here.

 Next big project for me is making the top for a queen-sized quilt that will be my wedding present to my niece.   It will be scrappy using assorted cream tonals, blues, purples, aquas, teals, and a little touch of orange.   In this first block alone there are 24 different fabrics. and yes, they all came from my scraps.   To get the color combos that I need in it (blue/purple in the same fabric) I've had to pull a few FQ's and get a few new fabrics as well.     Have discovered as well that my stash does not run to the lighter tones of blues......definitely heavy on the darker blues.

I'm debating about how big to make it.....these blocks finish at 15" so I'll need at least 25 of them   And might do 30 to give it a little extra length. 
And here is the final layout for the quilt if I only do 25 blocks.   The original design came from one that was shown by Missouri Quilt Star Company. 

I'll be piecing flying geese blocks for a while - there are 230 or so of them in this version.........

November 7, 2017

Judy ~ It's Not Even Tuesday, and I Remembered to Post!

How about that? I finally remembered!

These socks are finally finished.  I won't confess when they were started, but they were part of an "ancient" KAL at the Knitter's Brewing Company.  Sock #1 was done long ago, and then I caught the dreaded SSS!

Pair number four of the GKs' Sock Request has already been delivered and worn to school!  Just one more pair, and I'll be done with the "orders" placed in July when we were at Cannon Beach.  Daniel requested blue and green.  He got a few more colors as well.  As for that last pair of socks....they may take a while as that grandson's foot is my size!  How did that happen?

Angela ~ More Journals With a Little Stitching!

So I have made 3 journals now and am starting a 4th.
This is the cover for my next one that will be an advent calendar in book/journal form.  The cover is plaid flannel and the printed fabric Santa is embroidered to to a piece of felt with blanket stitch.
The pockets for each day that will be inside will have some sewing as well.  Woohoo!  finally some stitching!

And for those that were interested in seeing the fairy journal, here is a video of it:

With the blog hop coming for the release of Volume 16 of QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks coming next week (my posting will be on Monday), I decided to make a quick quilt showing just one way that my block can be used.   

I was able to get half of the pp'd block sections made over the weekend and pressed.   Still need to trim them to size though.   8 of the remaining pp'd sections have been sewn as of this morning leaving me with only 12 more to sew.  The final 4 sections are pieced 'normally' and I'll make them after piecing the others.   I'm hoping to get all of the remaining sections made tonite after I get home from work.  Final project will be a table topper that will be approximately 36" square.

The other project I made progress on was the second wall hanging of my triptych of the Christmas story.    Angels are now fused down and this one is ready to layer, baste and quilt.   Fabrics used for the angels are a silver Fairy Frost for the biggest one and two different prints with gold metallic in them for the smaller ones.

I'll be doing raw-edge stitching of the applique elements in this and the other hanging that matches this as I quilt them both.

October 24, 2017

Angela ~ A Rainbow Junk Journal.

I spent the last week being sick with some kind of flu bug.  We all got it including the guests we had staying with us.  But we are all better now.  So not much got done last week.

Here's my latest junk journal which will be for sale on Ebay.

No sewing on this one but I did use some ribbon, a button and an embellishment to create a closure for it.
I call it a rainbow journal.  Lots of color and a few random words, lots of pockets with note cards.
I used almost every color in my paint box, mostly with a wet on wet technique.
Some pages are collages of various papers, some with white tissue paper over it all which is a really cool effect.

The best part of making these journals besides having fun, is I already have an order to fill for a special fairy journal. 

Moira: UFO Progress

Three more UFO pieces of cross-stitch are now in snack mat/mug rug tops.    All fabrics in the tops are from my scrap bins.  Tops are approximately 12" by 16" or a little smaller.   All will be put up for sale after being finished.

 And my next commission.   Still to be added - the three wise men and the star in the sky.  This will be raw-edged stitched and quilted all at the same time.  Hoping to have it finished by the end of the week.

October 17, 2017

Moira: Finishes and a beginning

Found a laser cut kit (well really just the black applique seen here) in my stash last week.   And instead of just hiding it away again (there are 1 more like this and two coordinating ones hiding somewhere...), I decided to finish it up.

The black is one premade, laser cut piece.   And after having been packaged for yrs was a pill to get to lay flat enough to iron down.  I did raw-edge quilting around most of the edges on the black to hold it down and quilt at the same time.  Bound it in black kona.    This will be going up for sale.
I also decided what the theme of next years BOM was going to be.   The title of the BOM is going to be "Calico Zoo" and will feature 12 different zoo animals.  I drew up and made the first block (early for a change!) to see how it would look.   Have decided on 6 more critter for the zoo and thinking about what other ones to add to it to finish off the 12, and possibly a few extras.

This is all from scraps, and there are a couple of 3D elements in the block - the man and the ears.  In addition, the face is padded slightly..   I plan to write the patterns with two ways to make it - with or without the 3D elements.   And I'm hoping to have 3D elements in most of the blocks.

Final project for the weekend was this mini wall-hanging.  I remade the Navy bear for my wall-hanging, but that then left this block as an orphan block.   And instead of letting him languish in my stash I've finished him off as a 12" wall hanging. 

The red is a 1" cut flange and the binding was sewn at 3/8", so only about 1/8" of the red shows.    I like this look so i'm going to do something similar for the military bear wall hanging, but with the final flange being bigger. 

This will be sent off to my cousin this afternoon as a surprise gift.   The bear is named after her Dad, my Uncle Charles.  So I thought the fitting home for him with be with her.

October 10, 2017

Judy~A Few Finishes to Share

 Sorry to have been MIA for the past few weeks!  I have completed a few projects despite the craziness of the past month, however.

You remember this one, right?  Well, with the leftovers of the 21 colors I completed another hat, and it had even more ends to hide.  I couldn't quite follow the pattern exactly though. I think it's hard to see how they're related, don't you?

Then Nancy did a post on helical stripes, and so I tried it with dpns (double point needles).  It was fun, and I couldn't help wonder whether I could have used the technique on these two.  Thanks, Nancy!  It worked great on my little Christmas hat.

Meanwhile, I've been working on Nutkin for Dee's KAL.  It used to look like this:

(Did you notice my "bobbin"?  I finally found a use for all those bread closures! Someone else's cool idea)  And now it looks like this:

I am not using the short row heel though, and if I ever make this pattern again I will use an K1P1 cuff.  This stitch pattern is easy to memorize which is nice.

Our quilt group has made stockings for the local Ronald McDonald house for quite a few years now, and these two are my contribution this year. Quilting the fabric is what takes most of the time.  It looks like one is bigger than the other, doesn't it?  They are from the same pattern though, so I think my eye is tricking me.

We spent part of Saturday with these two.  They suddenly appeared wearing some of the things I made over the years.   It's fun to see them used!  Have a great week!

Angela ~ nothing

We have company we haven't seen in 5 years all week so with all the preparing for and now visiting, I have accomplished absolutely nothing.  But we are having fabulous weather and lovely times visiting.

Moira: More Bears

Finished the final two blocks of the military bears.  First block was this one for the Air Force.   This is Sterling and is named for a long time family friend who passed away several years ago.

 Second block made this weekend was this one for the Coast Guard.   He is named Nick in honor of one of my ex-students who is going into the Coast Guard.

And this is the layout I've got started.  The two-patches along the outside are what I'm thinking of for the border, with the same light blue used as the background filling in the remainder of the border.

Still to be done is to rework the the Navy bear to tweak his face.   Redesign is done, I just need to make the replacement block.  Once done I can put the quilt together.

And this is Jan, who at a quilt retreat and ironing the quilt that she is working on.

Susan: No Time!

I started back to college on Sept. 14 - don't ask, no good reason, just thought I'd see if I could still learn. I can. Can I drop out now? LOL I have almost no time for anything else, after I do homework and my part-time job, but I have done a LITTLE in the last month.

September Finishes - I was late with August, but managed September by the end of the month - Holly Cottage Christmas SAL:

I kept up with the blocks for the I Wish You a Merry QAL, too. Block 5 was the latest, finished just in time:

October work - I have about 4 feet left to bind on this humongous quilt:

That pretty much catches me up to date. Like I said, not much going on around here.

October 4, 2017

Come Join Our Group!!!!

I'm posting this to see if any of our readers or followers would like to join us at Tuesday Stitchers.

You can share any kind of stitching, quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, fiber arts of any kind.  Pretty much anything goes!

We post every Tuesday as you know.  You do not need a blog to join us but I will need an email so you are allowed to post.

Please comment below and I will contact you to set things up!  

October 3, 2017

Angela ~ New Project, A Journal

I saw some videos on making junk journals.  They intrigued me but honestly the ones that were being made were so full of fabric & lace it looked like a lace shop exploded.  And how and where would one actually do any journaling in it?

So I poked around my own junk and made a trip to to Dollar Tree & Walmart for a few things. And this is what I made:

It does have some buttonhole stitching on the front and its covered in flannel fabric.
The cover I removed from an actual book, which was boring and I wouldn't read it again anyway.
I used all sorts of paper and fabric, washi tape, stickers and whatever I had.  I created lots of pockets and left plenty of room to actually write in it.  
Walmart had Christmas ornaments out already and they had this cool mini antlers ornament.  I took the jingle bells off and only used one antler.  I think it turned out pretty cool!
I'm going to put it up for sale on Ebay and see what happens.  I will probably make some more in the future, it was that much fun.  I always loved making collages in art class and this was similar to me.

Moira - New projects and progress

Got the baby quilt that was to have been a commission fused onto the background (fabric was prepped when it was cancelled).
Satin-stitching around the appliques has not been done yet because with over 200 spools of blue thread, I don't have the right shade of blue for the

This one will be listed for sale either on ebay or etsy as to be completed (quilted) after personalization (first name) has been added.  Hopefully it will sell quickly. 

Next up was working on the military bears.   I completed the Navy bear, but am not completely happy with the way it looks, so I will be tweaking his face so that it looks better.   (His muzzle is too big in my view.)

Still to come are the blocks for the Air Force and the Coast Guard.

And after all of that is done I might redo the army bear, because of the way he is saluting.   Technically saluting with the left hand is ok, but it is not the norm.  So I may reverse the pattern to where he is saluting with his right hand which is the proper way to do it.

Did get the four setting blocks completed.  And everything is pinned to my design wall.

The blocks were an exercise in frustration because my math was wonky......12" divided by 4 is not 4" pass at them I ended up trying to make 16" finished blocks to match up with 12" blocks.   Trust me - that does not work out well!

Not only did I have to do a bit of frog-stitching and tweaking the design for the blocks so that I did not have to make more blocks, but I also  ended up with too many blocks/block sections because I did not count properly....ooops.  Oh well, at least I had enough fabric. 

The extra block sections are earmarked for a pieced border for the quilt that I'm pondering on.