January 9, 2018

Cyra ~ Learning Knitting

I have been tinkering around with some different crafts this week, and I can show you an angel doll that I'm working on, plus a little bit of an experimental piece that I started as a CKAL.
Bare in mind that I am NOT a knitter. I am only just learning how to do something other than straight lines, lol. So yes, there are slipped stitches, wraps the wrong way around, and gaping holes in places that shouldn't have gaping holes, haha. I am learning by lots of mistakes - but at least I am learning.
This is the year I conquer my fear of knitting.

Woohoo, and lookey here... I actually got to work with 3 needles for the very first time to creat the start of a tree pattern. 
Hubby tells me that I have been muttering swearwords under my breath while doing this, haha.

I have had a lovely sort out in my craft room too.
I have now got a work table cleared and ready to start building my miniature house Pilli Pala.
Hopefully photos of that next week.

Happy Stitching

Judy~Birthday Knitting

In our immediate family we have three birthdays in close succession right after Christmas, one on the 28th, one a week later on Jan. 4th, and then another on the 10th!  And then to top in off, there's yet another one just before month's end on January 27th. (Would you believe that we also have 2 niece-in-laws who share the same birth date this month also?)

What do you give a daughter whose birthday is three days after Christmas?  This was just the ticket.  It was a quick knit and features a fun button which worked perfectly.

This is what I made for DD's son who was born on Jan. 4th instead of on New Year's Eve six years ago.  How did he get to be six so quickly?

And this is for DD's husband whose birthday is on Wednesday.  To my knowledge he's not opened his gift yet, but I hope it will come in handy for skiing.  (As for little sister, she let me off easy as her birthday is not till August.  Thank you, Stella!)  Oh yes, the 4th gift is still on the needles and might be done by next week.

Moira: Finished Wedding Top

Finished the wedding quilt top and found a wide backing in my stash for it.   Backing is white with black floral sprays on it and 108" wide.  So no piecing required to put it together....YEAH!  At this point I'm figuring that I will bind the quilt with blue.  Haven't decided though if it will be a single blue print, or a scrappy blue binding.  Got enough that I could do either one.   

And once I get it back I'll put it on my bed and then try to count how many different fabrics were used in making it.  I've estimated that there are approximately 200-250 different ones, so it will be interesting to see if that is true or not.

And I've even managed to get the final block for last years BOM released.  Now to get the first one for this year ready to release.  =)

January 2, 2018

Cyra ~ 2018 Goals

I'm here at last, and here are my goals for 2018 and a bit of a catch-up on my last couple of months projects.

2018 Goals - my year of 4’s
  • Spend more time with hubby and put the ‘4-second’ rule into action - Did you know that it only takes 4 seconds to look at a person when they talk to you for them to appreciate and recognize that you are taking notice of them and that they are important to you at that moment.
  • Make 4 things for each of my 4 children - I have so many things that my mum and dad made for me, that I treasure, and I want to pass that same love on to my kiddlywinks.
  • Complete the crazy patchwork quilt that I started 4 years ago.
  • Play some more with freeform bobbin lace and weaving.
  • Knitting - I want to learn more than just the basic stitch, and stop being afraid of knitting.
  • Make a start on My NZ Dolls House - aka 'Pilli Pala' - and the furnishings within.
  • Work on 4 of my embroidery WIP’s. I’ll be happy if I get even one of these 4 finished.
That’s my lot….. apart from all the crochet projects that are a part of my ‘normal’ everyday life too.


Here are some of the projects that I finished in the last couple of months of 2017 and didn't get to post on here about.

Debra the Zebra Firberart- freeform crochet, bobbin lace, & weaving.

I made my Rock Pool bigger and better, and finished it in time for the Regional Embroiderers Guild show, where it won 1st place in the 3D category.... woohoo... go me.

A decorative freeform crochet box.
I've a YouTube video of it HERE where you can see the whole thing better.

A couple of woolly hats for His'n'Hers' Christmas pressies.
The one on the left is a pony tail beanie.

And this is the beginning of a mandala blanket.
(It got too hot over here to work under a woolly blanket, so this project is on hold until we get some cooler weather).

Whatever you do in 2018 make sure you have FUN.

Happy Stitching

Angela ~ Goals for 2018

I'm finishing up some other stuff that is non sewing related that is on my desk.  I only have this small space to work on and projects have to shift around.
This is the newest journal I am working on, almost finished.  And there is one seam of sewing on it!  The batik fabric was not quite wide enough to cover the book cover so I added a coordinating fabric from Mom's stash.
The signatures (booklets of various papers) are sewn in by hand with pink & white twine.
There are 4 signatures, making 160 pages.  Most are painted in some way with lots of color.  This is my Boho Hippie Journal.  I need to add some decoration to the front, possibly to the inside cover and some sari ribbon and charms to the spine.

Oh and the girl that got the Fairy journal for Christmas absolutely loved it!

Goals for 2018 is to be more consistent with posting stitching projects, and making time for them!  Wish me luck!

Moira: Ready for the new year

The five days I house-sat while in Phoenix saw me making progress on several more projects.

Got the sections for my mini swap quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild.   These still need to be pressed and trimmed to size before assembly can happen.

Put these 6" blocks together.   They were one of my many UFO's and as best as I and friends can date them, are from a swap back in 1998.  I've got 5 more blocks, 4 of which will be used for the corners of the first border.   Remaining border will be the same WOW that I used for the corners on the top and bottom rows.   And then a final border will be a green 30's print.  However, before borders can be attached I need to press it.

 And I finished off this small Cross-body purse that is my last Christmas gift for the year.   It will be mailed off with the other gifts for my friend and her family this coming week.

This bag was the first one that I've used fabric scraps to encase the ends of the webbing I used for the strap.  I like the look of it and will most likely use this technique again in the future.

January 1, 2018

Welcome to 2018!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!

May 2018 be the best year ever and may we all get lots of stitching done!

December 26, 2017

Judy ~ Christmas Surprise!

This rare event happened here on Christmas Eve! We can't remember this occurring in the 40+ years we've lived here.

Our front yard

Out back!

This is the only finish I am sharing today.  The youngest grand daughter wore it in their Christmas photo with Santa!

Oops, almost forgot this.  Finally completed this top which was started too long ago to mention, but I won't be wearing it any time soon. Brrrrr!

There's more to share, but right now I've got to get busy. There are four birthdays between now and the end of January, three before January 11th!  Happy Boxing Day!

Moira: Merry Christmas!

Just a quick fly through - I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!

I've been enjoying my vacation and am sad to see the days winding down for me.   It'll be back to work 1 week from today for me.

I did bring my sewing machine out here and several projects.   So far I've completed the top for the wedding quilt, altho I don't have  a pic of the full top.  Next up are several small projects that I need to make progress on as I move to where I'll be house-sitting for the rest of the time out here.   I've estimated 200-300 different fabrics in this top, but must admit that I didn't keep track of them.

Have also had fun doing some shop-hopping thru the state while here.   And even found some Benartex precuts at great prices at Tuesday Morning which was a surprise.

More next week!

December 19, 2017

Moira: Vacation Sewing

Yes, I brought my sewing machine and several projects with me on vacation.   The blessing of staying with friends is that they know I sew and don't mind if I do it during the day time.  =)

First project to be worked on is the wedding quilt.   I know have 20% of it together (5 blocks + applicable border sections) and am working on block #6.   Thankfully they are going together fairly quickly, as a result I'm hoping to get this together before I change residences.  First two rows from the top are in progress.

Project #2 will be working on my art challenge quilt for this year.   It is basically a whole cloth quilt, and I've decided to baste in where I need to stitch......I think..........lol........I may pick up some tissue paper from the dollar store and draw it out on that instead then stitch through the paper.   I'm still debating on how to do the ladybugs to show depth - currently thinking of beading over stuffed little figures.  I do know I'll have to make some of the leaves 3D to give the right sense of 3D-ness to the quilt.   Final stop of 4 or 5 for this group exhibition will be a month long stay in an art gallery in PA where those that want to can put their quilts up for sale.  And I've said that I'll put mine up for sale.  =)  I'd like to get all of the plant stitched in while out here.   Beading I'll leave for home.   Here is the pic I'm working from (found on the web).

Project #3 will be making the blocks (and hopefully top) for a mini quilt I need to get completed for  an online swap.   Pattern has been decided on, just need to pickup fabric for it.

And should all projects make progress I have a set of swap blocks made with 30's repro fabrics
that just need to be put together.........lol.

December 12, 2017

Moira: Crazy before Christmas Vacation

Almost finished this potholder, just need to add the binding for it after I find fabric that will work.

Next up was this quilt top that is approximately 40" by 60" in size.  It was made in response to both a challenge on Sunshine in a quilt that would be sent to Quilts Beyond Borders as a part of what the Sunshine group normally does. 

I used a Long Quarter of a halloween monster print and pulled an orange checked print and a yellow TOT strip to make the rail fence blocks.  A lime green TOT strip for the inner border and solid orange for the final border

Final look has almost a 3D look too it because of the colors and the way they work with each other.

Next up was the stitching on this embellished sweatshirt for my mom.  This was one scene from a panel of cute kitties.   Still have lots to work with for future projects.  =)
Final project over the weekend was making this little mug rug.  It finished out at 9.5" square the pattern and a couple of the fabrics (the house and the snow) came as part of the third free kit during the shop hop I participated in back in November.  This will most likely end up being a gift for someone this Christmas.

December 5, 2017

Moira ~ Little Projects getting finished up

I realized last week that I leave for vacation in just a couple of weeks (or sooner!)....and that I didn't have all of my quilting projects needed finished up......whoops........   So I switched gears and started working on what will be gifts.  Completed so far are two small mug rugs (both are 6" by 9") and a couple pair of "fruit cobbler" potholders.

Still to be completed before I leave are:
~ at least 4 more sets of potholders using fabrics with raspberries, cherries, mixed berries and more blueberries....and maybe strawberries as well (hostess type gifts)
~ Put an applique onto a commissioned t-shirt and get that mailed off
~ Make applique sweat shirt for my mom
~ Make appliqued sweat shirt for my BFF's husband
~ Finish challenge quilt top (~40" by 60") - doing a rail fence block so this should be quick.   Needs to be mailed off with several other tops before I leave or from Phx. 
~ Make quilt binding to go with the tops from line above

November 28, 2017

Angela ~ 2 More Journals--For Me!

I've been working on 2 journals for myself.  They have the page signatures stitched to the spine of the binding so I'm calling it close enough for stitching being done this week.
The first one is my old high school annuals.  I took all 4 and pulled out the pages with my class and cut out any other pictures I wanted.  I saved all the autographs and included those too.
This was an experiment for sure but I think it turned out pretty good.  I used the full covers from my freshman & junior years and added in only the front covers of my sophomore & senior years.
With the reduction in pages and covers I was able to condense 4 years of books to one about the size of 2 books.  Lots of gluing and stitching and I learned a lot about making books.
In case you are wondering, the school colors were orange & blue.

The second journal is for Christmas/Winter and was made with a cover from a college textbook and pages from another book that was the same size but had nice sturdy paper.
I will add more decoration to the front but have not decided what yet.  This will be a WIP for some years to come as I find old photos and save things from now.
I painted the pages to cover the printing and am pasting in ephemera and things that have meaning for me.  The paper on the inside of the cover is tissue paper I got at Dollar Tree.  I love it!  This will be a coffee table book at Christmas whenever I have my own home and a coffee table again.

Moira: Lots of sewing going on....

First project that I worked on was getting the remaining flying geese sections for the wedding quilt sewn.  There are between 230 and 240 of them in the two different layouts for them (star points and pinwheel blades). 

All of them have been trimmed to size and the paper torn off of them.   I've started sewing the rectangle of background fabric to them and realized I still need to cut a bunch more of the rectangles in order to have enough......so digging thru the stash for different creams has begun as of this morning.  Now if I could only find where I've hidden (or is that squirreled away) all of the FQ's in this range of colors I'd be happy....lol.
I'm using different "sets" of fabric on the points and the pinwheels to make it easier to make all fabrics in the blocks different.   I don't have as many different fabrics for the background as I do blues, so this helps me to keep from having the same fabric in adjoining blocks.

Next up was making the three remaining hat box blocks I needed to finish this quilt (the diagonal ones from lower left to upper right).   And then putting the top together.  Current size is approx. 48" by 66".  I'm debating about putting a border on it or just calling it good and quilting it as is.   this will most likely be sold, but might donate it.

I also worked on two little mug rugs, but don't have pics of those.

Next up Christmas gifts - potholders, mug rugs, and an embellished top or two.

November 21, 2017

Angela ~ Mermaid Journal with Stitched in Pages

I did not get any more done on the cardinal blocks.  But I did finish another journal.
This one has a mermaid theme.  And in the chain decoration on the spine is a mermaid bracelet I made.  So you get a journal and a bracelet.
This photo is to prove I really did get some sewing done!  There are 6 signatures (groups of pages) and I used a variegated blue embroidery thread to stitch them to the spine of the book.  
This is just inside the front cover.  There are 120 pages with many vintage mermaid images printed on them and lots of blank journaling pages.  There are quotes about mermaids too.  Watercolored paper, tea stained paper, vintage paper and a few envelope pockets.
I'm as happy with this one as I was the fairy journal, maybe more so.  I think I have found my niche!

The advent calendar book sold right away to the same friend that ordered the fairy journal, lol.

Moira - Distractions and Progress

I've been working on the wedding quilt for my niece over the last week.   I figure there are 3 stages to putting the blocks together - making the flying geese, then putting the FG into the block sections, and finally putting the blocks together.    So lots of work on step 1 there - I've got enough of the FG sections to put together about 10 blocks out of the 25 that I need for the quilt.  Lots more to come for the blocks and for the border.

And then because I have a short attention span, I decided to do something different as well over the weekend.   Moda Fabrics and Aurifil thread are co-sponsoring a challenge to use Moda precuts and Aurifil thread to make a mini quilt. 

I decided to make one using one of the Moda charm packs that I've had in my stash forever....and in this case don't even remember where I got this from. 

I used 13 charm squares for the top, 9 more for the backing, and then 6 charm squares for the binding.  So a total of 28 squares out of the 42 that were in the original pack.

Fabrics aren't my style, and it's hard for me to work with ones that are matchy-matchy and blendy.........but once I decided on the blue for the stars it all worked out ok.

I'll either put it up for sale or give it as a gift to someone.

With the holiday weekend coming up I'll continue to work on the wedding quilt, but also plan to get a quilt top for Sunshine finished up so that I can get a stack of tops sent of off for quilting.   One of the tops will be for a challenge as well.