September 19, 2017

Cyra - An assortment of projects

Finally I managed to get a stitching update done.

3 freeform crochet scrumbles going towards making a headband.

I went to another felting workshop where I made these two gorgeous flowers 
(plus a caterpillar which wandered off before the photo shoot).
These flowers will have stamen added when I get 'a round tuit'. 

And.... just for something completely different.
A 6.5 inch long crocheted oval doily.

And the miniature 'scene' with the miniature doily on the dining table.
Nice cuppa tea anyone?

Happy Stitching

Moira: Making Progress

Made progress on several projects this past weekend thanks to the commissioned baby quilt being cancelled.  Will make it at a later date though because I think it will be a really cute quilt.

First project I did work on was the flamingo quilt.   I added a pink with white polka dot for binding and that is now sewn down and the quilt is finished.

Used a bright tropical floral type print for the backing.

The next project I worked on was baste and quilt this scrappy kitty quilt.  The quilting on it has been finished and I just need to bind it.   Fabric for that has been pulled and I plan on putting it on this evening.

I was also able to get the blocks trimmed to size and the sashing onto them.  I'm contemplating whether to add a final border of the same mottled green that the blocks are made from or to just bind it in the green at this size.   Currently it is 45" square.  Am leaning towards finishing it w/o another border.

Someone I know will be making an embroidered label for me.   And I will be sending it out to be quilted for me.

September 12, 2017

Judy ~ Missing Once Again But with a Few Finishes

Sorry to be out of the posting loop, but we've had a busy sunny summer, and we've been outside in the yard as well as traveling a bit more than usual. We have recently returned from a trip to Minneapolis to visit my sister, and while there we stopped at our niece's new yarn shop which is named after her grandmothers. (You can read about our trip on my blog if you wish.)


This hat is made with a kit from that shop.  It was a fun knit but sure had lots of ends to hide! (There was enough yarn for another hat, but I'm still hiding those ends.....)

I also finished two other projects: socks for our grand son in his requested color and a shawl that I started in the last century and had to restart because I couldn't remember where I was in the pattern sequence.  (That should teach me not to procrastinate, right?)

Also, if you've been impacted by the recent hurricanes or wildfires, please know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers!

Angela ~ A Little Start

I managed to get the base lines sewn which the embroidery will go over.  And the circle with the cross in the center is the only actual embroidery I did this past week.
Darn allergies make it hard to see in the evening which is when I typically do embroidery.

Moira - Finishes and Starts

 Finished off the scrappy snail this past weekend.    There are 651 - 2" finished squares in this quilt. 

The green squares used up less than half of the ones I had cut from scraps the weekend prior.  Another quilt or maybe two of them, is in the future for the rest of them.  I've got another couple of graphed designs ready that need 2" finished squares to make, just need to cut the remainder of the fabrics needed for them.

Next critter quilt though will be a panda I think so that I can make a dent in the bag of solid black scraps.
Started doing so prep this weekend for the next scrappy quilt and I pulled a bunch of small pieces (fat-eight's and smaller) of various WOW's from a tote to cut up in 2.5" and 3.5" sizes.  While doing so I found a stack of 12 already cut and marked 10.5" COC squares.

I decided I didn't want to put them back in the tote, so I also pulled a couple of scrap pieces of fabrics I had in the stash and put them together to make 9.5" HST's.  Trimmed them up and now have them together in this quilt top.  I have 4 more of the shoe print/COC HST blocks that did not fit in the layout, so I'm going to use them as part of the final border layout.   Just need to play with the ideas that i have for that before making a final decision on the layout. 

And the next commissioned project for me has come in as of yesterday.  this is the sketch I've received from the customer.  Fabric has been pulled from the stash and I'm in process of enlarging the anchor pattern.   Will have it put together by next week's posting because I've got a short turn-around time on this one.

September 5, 2017

Angela ~ MIA

Sorry I've been MIA for the last 2 weeks.  I've been busy organizing my room, or at least trying to.  I did get all my embroidery threads organized, I had a good sized box full of random threads.  I also organized the broken jewelry pieces I've picked up or were given to me.  Some things I repaired and put up for sale on Ebay.  The rest got taken apart for useful beads, donated if it was plastic for other crafters and then the rest was organized in plastic drawer thingys.
I cut some scrapbooking paper to fit the front of the drawers and it looks really nice now.  The one on the left holds the junk jewelry, the center hold sewing threads & sewing tools, the one on the right holds various papers for the printer.
You can see my 5 boxes of embroidery thread in numerical order but I have another of the odd threads and a small bin with the specialty threads like silk, rayon & metallics.
There's a layer of nothing but beads that still need to be sorted in the bottom of this drawer ^^^^^.
This drawer hold possibly fixable items.

On the other end of this shelf is my bead containers, all 21 of them, mostly full.  Although there is 1 empty one.
Re-labeling them and stacking them sideways saved me more space, yeah!  Beads are sorted by color with one box of miscellaneous mixed stuff, mostly seed beads I am not even going to try to sort.

OH, I also got my bathroom painted this past weekend!  Hopefully I can do some more work on the bible cover this week.

Moira - Holiday weekends are made for sewing

Love having long weekends and being single because all of that means that I can sew to my hearts content.  

One of the projects I worked on is actually for me - I know shock of   All blocks are now finished for my hankie butterfly quilt.  I used 8 hankies in the blocks.   The center block is a very lightweight linen fingertip towel that I folded to fit the block and then appliqued down.
Closeup pic of one of the butterflies resting on the fabric I'll be using for sashing.  I'll be binding with more of the green fabric.

Backing will have 4 more hankies that didn't work for butterflies on the front appliqued to it.   One of them I'm going to send off to an online friend to embroider the label onto.   Will have to back it with some fusible interfacing to make it work for the embroidery.
I then added the top and bottom borders to this quilt.   Thinking about adding a final border around it to add a little more size to it.
And after cutting a bazillion 2.5" blocks from my green scraps with no discernible difference made to the amount of scraps that I have, I've started piecing the next critter quilt for sale.   This pic shows the first 16 rows together - halfway done.  from here up is a mainly the WOW background, so it should not take as long to piece as this part did.   (Some of my WOW's are in strip-sets for faster piecing.)
And the last major thing that was accomplished this weekend was to get my sewing room cleaned up.  That started with my sorting and putting away these scraps......these all came out of the over-stuffed brown basket you can see on the shelf below and a couple of shopping bags.   All were put away (well the greens were all cut up into 2.5" squares) and the basket emptied once again.  Unfortunately I realized that in spite of the scrap quilts I've been making lately, I have actually lost ground because the totes are almost to full to put the lids on....oops.....must sew faster.

And here is a pic looking across my sewing room.   I can actually get to the totes of my thread now without risking life and limb trying to step across piles to get there.  Till have work to do but progress is being made.  =)

Susan: A Little Stitching

I'm closing in on the finish of the third Holly Cottage Christmas block (by Michelle Ridgeway, Australia)

I made some progress on the Project Linus quilt I'm making from scraps sent by Cotton Cuts through Heart Builders:

I recently finished this tea towel challenge project from 2014, I think it was.

And I made a little more progress on the third Emperor's Wives block, but not enough to warrant showing it again. That's all the news that fits!

August 29, 2017

Moira: Weekend progress

This past weekend was mainly filled with bindings and hanging sleeves.  The commissioned swan quilt is done except for redoing a 12" by 12" area of the quilting where I ended up with loopies that I didn't see till I was sewing the binding down.    that is tonites of the finished quilt next week.

I also bound  the two row samples and/or got hanging sleeves onto them.   Pics of them coming in a couple of weeks after my row pattern has debuted on the 14th.

A hanging sleeve went onto this little wallhanging and it is now hung.

And over the week I cut the squares for this quilt top from scraps and sewed it up over the weekend.   Still need to add a row top and bottom to bring it up to a good size for a baby quilt.   It will be sold once it is quilted.

Next up for scrappy quilts will be a snail one.....just have a bazillion 2.5" squares to cut for that one.  Am using a freebie cross-stitch pattern for the layout on it.

And last but not least, I stitched down the first of my hankie butterflies and prepped the next two.

Susan: Catch-Up

Life has been extremely busy in August. I'm looking forward to September in the hope that things will slow down some. I have managed to do a few things, though. I took a week's vacation with a friend in Ohio, near Cleveland. We did some sight-seeing, some row by row hopping, and a little stitching. I made these two Halloween jars, but I don't think the project will be finished before Halloween this year - not if things keep going they way they have been!

I also finished this 2nd block for the Holly Cottage Christmas Stitch Along (though this isn't the final picture - can't find it right now):

There was a little actual stitching, which I haven't gotten back to the rest of the month. I started the third block of Emperor's Wives:

And I had a top finish for American Hero Quilts. This is from Alycia Quilts and her recent QOV Mystery A6 QAL:

Too big to photograph on the floor, so I laid it on my queen bed. A couple of borders, and it would fit! That's most of what I've been working to finish.

August 22, 2017

Angela ~ First Stage of the Wedding/Baptism Bible Cover

I've started the next bible cover which will be white on white.
I'm sorry the image is not any better, but I was trying to get it so you could see the design.  I traced my design in pencil and have started to lay in the foundation embroidery floss.  It will be stitched with white silk, mostly in satin stitch.  Where the dots are I hope to find some tiny pearls or beads to use, though I will probably have to order some as my resources here are very limited.
After the first 2 covers I switched from my usual round hoop to this scrolling frame, which happens to be the perfect size.  Between the frame and the mid-weight interfacing on the back, it now stays nice & flat.
I got the frame and another one that is larger at a local thrift store for $1 each!  The silk thread was part of a box I got at another thrift store several years back and it was really cheap for a whole lot of thread of various kinds.  The rayon I think is easier to work with but I have the silk so I might as well use it.  I just hate how sometimes it shreds and I have to cut it and start with a new piece.

Moira - Progress

I made lots of progress this past week, but don't have much in the way of pics to show for it.

The first sample to go with my row pattern is completely done, and the second variation is now basted and in process of being quilted.   Full unveiling of them will come in a couple of weeks when my pattern is unveiled for the blog hop on September 14th.  Meanwhile here is a snippet of the row.

I also finished the quilting on the swans.   Left to do on the quilt - binding, label and fixing where the backing ended up with pleats.  =(    Hoping to have this one finished up in time to go in the mail no later than Saturday this week.  Will have a picture next week of it.

Have also drawn up the idea/layout for the next commissioned quilt.  Now to start drawing up the patterns for it.

August 15, 2017

Cyra ~ The Weaving Continues

Not a great deal of stitching here this week, just another weaving made.
This one is only coaster size, and it's a gift for a friend.

Plus another experimental weaving that turned out to be a broach. 
Wire weaving is something new to me and was rather fun to do.
A little bit uneven in places, but it will get better with practice.
The next one I make will have beads added too.

Happy Stitching

Judy ~ July Disappeared, but I Didn't!

The weather here has been interfering with my craft projects, but I am still alive.  I've finished a couple of things also.

This purse was a long time UFO, and it's finally finished and even lined.  It was and interesting project and is now in the gift bag.

We've had lots of company and other events in the past 6 weeks but I did also finish a couple of dishcloths. There's still more of this green yarn!  More finishes next week, I hope. 

Moira - and it's into August.......

I'm making slow progress on several projects, but only have pics for one of them.  

This week saw me making progress on the quilting of the swans commissoned quilt.  At this point I have about half of it done.  I'm meandering the quilt and thankfully the old machine has been cooperating with me now that I'm using aurifil thread for the quilting. Unfornately, the backing has not been as nice.....there are several places where it shifted and pleated as I stitched and now I have to figure out how to take care of it.   In the meantime I've unpinned all of the remaining area and smoothed out the backing.   I'm only pinning part and quilting that part before pinning more so this doesn't happen again.

On the hatbox project, I've added the side pieces to these scrappy string strips and trimmed the blocks down to 10" unfinished.

Here are the blocks that are done now laid out into rows.   Bottom two are now sewn together the others are pinned together in stacks.

And the fabrics that will be used for the three remaining hatboxes that I need to make.  The polka dot fabrics will be the vertical side pieces of the attic window blocks, a darker cream-on-cream tonal fabric will be the bottom piece of the attic window blocks.   the remaining fabrics will be the big parts of the hatboxes.  Still to be pulled from my scraps are the bands for the hatboxes.

However, in the next week I need to finish up the swans and a sample for a pattern that I've designed and that will be used in a blog hop in September/October this year.    And if there is time, then I want to make some to use to carry the breakfast pouches that I make for breakfast to keep them warm till I get to work and can eat them.