August 15, 2017

Cyra ~ The Weaving Continues

Not a great deal of stitching here this week, just another weaving made.
This one is only coaster size, and it's a gift for a friend.

Plus another experimental weaving that turned out to be a broach. 
Wire weaving is something new to me and was rather fun to do.
A little bit uneven in places, but it will get better with practice.
The next one I make will have beads added too.

Happy Stitching

Judy ~ July Disappeared, but I Didn't!

The weather here has been interfering with my craft projects, but I am still alive.  I've finished a couple of things also.

This purse was a long time UFO, and it's finally finished and even lined.  It was and interesting project and is now in the gift bag.

We've had lots of company and other events in the past 6 weeks but I did also finish a couple of dishcloths. There's still more of this green yarn!  More finishes next week, I hope. 

Moira - and it's into August.......

I'm making slow progress on several projects, but only have pics for one of them.  

This week saw me making progress on the quilting of the swans commissoned quilt.  At this point I have about half of it done.  I'm meandering the quilt and thankfully the old machine has been cooperating with me now that I'm using aurifil thread for the quilting. Unfornately, the backing has not been as nice.....there are several places where it shifted and pleated as I stitched and now I have to figure out how to take care of it.   In the meantime I've unpinned all of the remaining area and smoothed out the backing.   I'm only pinning part and quilting that part before pinning more so this doesn't happen again.

On the hatbox project, I've added the side pieces to these scrappy string strips and trimmed the blocks down to 10" unfinished.

Here are the blocks that are done now laid out into rows.   Bottom two are now sewn together the others are pinned together in stacks.

And the fabrics that will be used for the three remaining hatboxes that I need to make.  The polka dot fabrics will be the vertical side pieces of the attic window blocks, a darker cream-on-cream tonal fabric will be the bottom piece of the attic window blocks.   the remaining fabrics will be the big parts of the hatboxes.  Still to be pulled from my scraps are the bands for the hatboxes.

However, in the next week I need to finish up the swans and a sample for a pattern that I've designed and that will be used in a blog hop in September/October this year.    And if there is time, then I want to make some to use to carry the breakfast pouches that I make for breakfast to keep them warm till I get to work and can eat them.

Angela ~ Lamb of God Miniature Bible Embroidery

I've completed another mini bible cover.

This one has the Lamb of God on the front, his wool of made of silk French knots.

The back has white silk lilies of the valley in keeping with the spring theme.
I also used gold & silver metallic thread and cotton thread.

I have another planned and it will be all white with some beading.  Something suitable for a wedding.

August 8, 2017

Angela ~ Celtic Bible Cover Finished and Listed

I finished the Celtic bible cover.

I have it listed on Ebay & Etsy.  I sure hope someone likes these as I am enjoying making them.  I am currently working on one with the Lamb of God on the front and a lily of the valley branch on the back.  The lamb has turned out nicely with white silk french knots.  Pictures next week.

Moira - Finishes and Progress

Pic of the finished row-by-row with me holding my prizes for being the first one to turn it in at the store.
Got the sides added to these strip sets.  They will square up to 10" unfinished (I think....) or else 9.5" unfinished.   They will be the alternate blocks for the hat box blocks below.   And i need to double check the size on these so that I know what to trim these too.  

I will be making a pattern from these two blocks that an online friend sent me.  Then I'll be making 3 more blocks to go with these in coordinating prints.   That will be next after finishing up a project with a deadline coming up.

And the latest scrappy critter quilt.  Not totally happy with the placement of all squares in the background (a couple in the bottom left bug me because they are close to the light purples in intensity), but I'm not going back and redoing them.    I used 3.5" cut squares and the same width for the border.
This will be for sale once quilted.  I plan to just cross-hatch quilt this one and the other critter quilts.   Am planning on using a scrappy binding on it (have lots of binding pieces to choose from).

August 1, 2017

Cyra ~ Peacock Feather Weaving

Progress on my peacock feather weaving, it is almost finished now, just sewing in the loose ends.

I will add a button to one end and a 'loop' to the other, then it will be a wrist band/bracelet type thingy.

I've had a houseful of family visiting for a long weekend. It was great fun.
We went up the mountain to play in the snow and had fun with snowball fights and snowman building.
A lovely crisp day with few clouds, so the views were awesome.
One of my sons hasn't seen the snow since before we left England over 17 yrs ago, so this was a fantastic weekend for him. Even old kids get excited in the snow, lol.

Angela ~ Celtic Cross & Thistles Embroidered Bible Cover

I've started on the 2nd mini bible cover, this one has a Celtic cross on the front and thistles on the back.

Please excuse the wrinkles.

I'm using a combination of metallic, cotton & silk floss, though this photo really doesn't show the metallic well.  The thistle flowers and the light part of the leaves have metallic thread running through them.  

Moira -

Finished up my row-by-row quilt on Friday and turned it in on Saturday.   Didn't get a pic tho of hte finished quilt before turning it in.  

The first part of my prize was 2 sets of Moda Bella solid FQ's - half in reds and the other half in blacks/greys.   Have to go back to the store today because there was supposed to be a bonus prize for using their row in my quilt and didn't get that and didn't realize it till after I got home after running errands on Saturday.

Will post pics of the prizes and quilt next week.

In the mean time, i've done some cleaning in the sewing room and have started working on the next scrappy quilt in the mornings.   Not enough sewn together yet tho to show.

Pics coming again next week!

Susan: Holly Cottage Christmas

I'm not actually home this week, but I did remember to schedule this before I left. I'm spending today on the road to Cincinnati. By the time this posts, I will have the stitchy words finished, too, I think. This is the second block, Figgy Pudding.

July 25, 2017

Angela ~ Embroidered Bible Covers

The embroidered piece was appliqued onto the black base cover and gold metallic thread was used in a blanket stitch around the edge.

Then added black satin ribbons to tie the sides together as it looked rather unfinished without that.

I'm now working on a second one in purple with a Celtic cross on the front and thistles on the back.  I intend to leave the spine plain in case the buyer would like a name, initials or a date added.

This is the pocket bible it will go on.
Nice little bible with a bookmark ribbon and faux gold leafed page edges...and for the huge sum of $1 at Dollar Tree!  They also come in black.

Moira - progress on two fronts

I've made progress on two fronts over the last week.

The row-by-row quilt is now together and I only have the bottom row to finish and the quilting will be done.  This pic shows the top together (except for the side borders).   Will finish the quilting today and hopefully get the side borders sewn on, with binding to go on Thursday in all likelihood (going out to supper with a friend Wed. night).   I'm aiming to turn this in this week.

And thanks to the owner at a great local quilt shop, I was able to get the commissioned swans quilt basted on Saturday.  This is the next quilt on my plate to finish off as soon as the row-by-row is done.

July 18, 2017

Cyra ~ Freeform Weaving

I've been on a weaving spree this week again.
This is the start of a peacock inspired freeform weaving.

I have, actually, got more progress on this piece, but have not taken a current photo of it.

Not a lot of anything else done, apart from more crocheting of my coral reef project, but again, I'm not taking photos of that until it is significantly bigger..... and I have also done some more work on my hexie quilt, which is coming along nicely now (I didn't think you'd be interested to see loads of black hexies tacked together, hence no updated photos, lol). Still got a whole heap more yet to make, so I'll be busy for many months/years on it yet. This is the ¾" hexies quilt.

Happy Stitching

Angela ~ Mini Bible Cover

I've been working on a mini bible cover.  The embroidery is done.
I used silk, metallic & cotton threads on a tightly woven off white fabric.
Here's shot that shows the texture of the pomegranates.

The design is 4" tall. 
I made a black cotton cover for the little New Testament, now I just need to attach the embroidered part.  I tried yesterday and did not like how it looked so I took it apart and will try again, I want the black to sort of act like a border.

Moira - One project multiple stages.....

Thought I'd try something different this with the Row-by-Row.  

With the theme of "on the go" I decided to make a quilt that I'll eventually donate or giveaway somehow ..... or sell.   And with the rows that are have been designed, many of them are perfect for a boy.    And since there seem to be several stores around here that haven't had a winner yet, I'm going to try to get this done in time to turn in somewhere this weekend.....hoping to anyway.....

Net result is that I'm quilting at the same time I'm still making rows for it.   This is row #6, it still needs button wheels but those need to be put on after I get the row quilted.

This picture shows what I've got pieced together so far.  The top two rows are quilted.   Once all of the rows are quilted then I will add a black border to the sides and then bind it.  Most of the fabrics in these rows have been from my scraps, the only ones that haven't been are the long pieces of of sky fabrics on rows 1-5, and the building fabric for row 6 (and that was out of stash!).

And here is a pic of the quilt draped over my little kitchen island that I use for my cutting table.  The quilt is a little wider than the table, but it still works for this size.   And yes, I'm using up large pieces of leftover batting on this quilt.  =)

Susan: Just Beading Left!

There are three sections I want to bead, but this is otherwise finished.

Last section worked:

Seam 67, borrowed from something I saw in 2015:

Seam 68, the orange one: needs beads:

July 11, 2017

Cyra ~ Bunting and blossoms

Crochet granny triangles and plain triangles in extremely bright colours...

.....make bunting for my town yarn bombing later this year....

I love the play of shadows on the wall here, lol.

The Great Opunake Coral Reef is under way. It will be on display at the same time as the towns yarn bomb event.
Lots more to add to this yet.


A freeform weaving I made last week has already been 'adopted' by a friend who fell in love with it.


And something else woven.
A Flax leaf woven into a pair of flowers.


Well, I think that's me caught up. 
I have other projects on the go which I might be able to show you next week.

Until then..... happy stitching.


Angela ~ Bible Cover Finished!

I've finished the bible cover and put it on my poor overused bible.  It looks much nicer than the old tattered one.

I'm thinking of doing some covers for the small pocket New Testaments and seeing if I could sell any.  Small would be less expensive as the embroidery takes hours.   I could also add beads as I have tons of them on hand. 
Here are some I found on Pinterest that inspire me:
Any opinions?

Moira - I remembered!

Lots of sewing of little squares and strip-piecing this week as I finished off the flamingo quilt top (well except for the border that is).    

The top is 48" by 60" as it is right now.  Tweaking an idea from Susan, I think i'm going to do a border of black followed by binding it in pink.  I plan on cross-hatching the background, and am still thinking about how to quilt the bird.

There were 20-25 different WOW's in the bottom half of the background alone, and probably another dozen in the top half.  8 or more medium pinks and about that many in the medium pinks.   The black was all Kona and the grey was a scrap from my scrap stash.

Am planning to sell this one once I have it quilted and bound.