April 17, 2018

Cyra ~ Finger-less Mitts & Miniature Rug

There is always a bit of crocheting going on in this house.
A pair of finger-less mittens (wrist-warmers) for wearing while riding my bike (winter is coming here in the Southern hemisphere).

My Raleigh bike -- very retro, lol. 
I use this to get to my local craft groups meetings and for a jaunt around the town or to the library and also for grocery shopping. I try to do my bit to save the earth and not use fuel if I don't have to. If the weather is really horrible though I will take the car.
I'm designing a double-pannier bag to sew for the back rack. I have the perfect fun fabric to compliment the bike colours. 
(the basket balancing on 'his' handlebars is the basket for the front of my bike)

This will be a carpet/ (rug) for my miniature house. 
It's a trial run for me on the new loom that my darling hubby bought for me on his trip to England last year. I eventually found time to warp the loom and 'go-for-it'.
I'm experimenting with the loom to see how it handles making 1:12th scale rugs, so I chose a simple straight weave for this rug in a two colour chunky stripe.
I have actually done about double the amount that is showing on the photo, and hope to have it finished by this weekend (famous last words, haha).

Next week I'm off to a remote stitching retreat, so I might not get a post posted here because I don't think there is internet where I'm going, and no telephone signal either, so it will be a very interesting (and fun) week with a great bunch of stitchers. I am sooooo looking forward to it.
I'll show photos etc after the event.

All for now.
Happy stitching.

Judy ~ Something Different!

This week I worked on something unusual, a few quilt blocks.  Our group is making a quilt for a local hospice. The camera sure picks ups on the inconsistencies in my measuring. Sigh.

This one is called Connector Chain.

I love hearts.  Our blocks are to be red, white, and blue, so I think I need to add some stitching to this one.

This was my first attempt at a Disappearing 9-block and looks a bit wonky. 

Has anyone figured out how to make these diagonal dishcloths "unwonky" on that last corner?  This is the Illuminator pattern, once again.  Have a great week!

Angela ~ Bicycle Hat Repair

He came back to Texas with me along with a bicycle hat that had a good sized tear where the brim is attached.  I took a strip of fabric and repaired it by adding a new band as well as new elastic in the back.  Happy bicyclist!

This hat/cap fits under his helmet.

Moira: Finishs

Finished the scrappy sampler this evening.    It finished at 60" wide by 72" long.  No border going onto this one.

It will be shipped off to American Heroes sometime this week with the quilt top shown below that I finished last year and never shipped off.

 Also finished this flannel quilt that will be donated to Little Lambs in Utah. 

Backing for the flannel was from my stash and was a 60" wide flannel I'd picked up about 2011 or so while working at Joann's in Lafayette during my grad school days.

Currently am working on passport wallets that will be listed for sale on Etsy.  And waiting to hear about the house I'm putting an offer in on today (multiple offer situation).

April 10, 2018

Cyra ~ Freeform Crochet x 2

Hello again. 

This week has seen the completion of two (yes two) accessories. Two cowls, or neck-warmers, very similarly put together, in slightly different colourways.

The fuchsia edged one ----

And the Purple edged one ---

I have also started on another rug for the mini house, but not enough of it yet for a photo.

We have survived the tornado that whipped through Opunake yesterday morning, The next village to us didn't fare so well in the tornado though, and I think 5 houses lost their roof and 3 more with major damage. The whole community is coming together for those left without homes.
The weather has definitely changed for the worse now, and we actually have the heater on in the lounge for a bit of respite from the unusual cold blast. 

It's good time to stay inside and stitch (as if I needed an excuse).

Happy Stitching

Judy~Yet Another Bootie

I've been working on a number of projects this week, but this pair of booties, yes, another pair is done and ready to be delivered to the baby's grandma on Thursday.

Hope you all have a great week.  Here's proof that spring might really be arriving in the Pacific Northwest!

Moira - Making Progress

Added the final border to this long-standing UFO.  The London scenes are from a tea towel and the fabrics used in the blocks (except for the assorted backgrounds) were ones I bought in London when I was there in 1997.  I hope to finish this sometime this year.

 I finished the next commissioned passport wallet.  And used a different pattern for the credit card wallet.  I've got a couple things I want to tweak for the next one to make but overall I'm happy with how much easier to make this one is than the one I'd made on the first two.

Quilted this wallhanging.   Need to get the binding and sleeve onto it, then write up the pattern for it so that I can post it for sale on my Craftsy store.

And these are the next bunch of fabrics that I'll be working with for the passport wallets.   These have no buyer yet so they will be listed on either etsy or ebay. 

I cut the needed pieces from the bright cats and the coordinate that I pulled for it this morning.  I'll work on more of them this afternoon.

I also managed to get the quilting done and binding on to a donation quilt but didn't get  a pic of it.   Will post that next week if I get it finished.

April 3, 2018

Judy ~ Back Home!

We just got back from a fun family gathering in Breckenridge, Colorado. My hats were a hit and came in handy in the cold, crisp air.

And I even completed a pair of socks in one of the quieter moments.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter; we were home in time to have dinner out with a good friend.  Driving home, we encountered an April Fool's snow squall.  It was really crazy as we left the sunny Des Moines Marina and drove north into dark clouds, slushy rain, and then a dusting of snow on our hill.  Very strange!

Angela ~ No Crafting Report

Sorry no crafting this week, too many other things to do.

Update on the Flower Pin, it was mailed to my friend in GA via priority, USPS managed to send by way of Anaheim, CA, but thankfully she got it Saturday in time for Easter Sunday.  She loved it and so did her friends.

In other news, I am traveling to Colorado this week for a vacation and to spend time with my fiance'.  Yes, it just happened this week.  No immediate plans as he is there and I am in TX but it will all work out.
A little drawing I did of something he described as a balloon-like heart bouncing down a hill picking up pollen laden honey bees.

Moira - Finished Wedding Quilt

Spent the weekend in Indiana visiting cousins and attending the wedding of my sweet niece and her new husband.   Had a wonderful time not withstanding the snow on Sunday night that I had to scrape off the rental car at 6 am Monday morning!

Finally have a pic of the entire wedding quilt and the recipients.   Quilt finished at 85" square and fits on a queen-sized bed.  There are approximately 230 different fabrics in the finished quilt.

Next up - it'll be back to the passport wallets that have been ordered, and several others that I've got fabric for so that I can start getting some made up for sale.  Also need to get quilts already finished up listed for sale...........oh and still need to find a house....lol.

March 27, 2018

Cyra ~ scrumble, hexie, mini's.

What have I been up to this week. Well, lots of things of course, lol.

Another scrumblicious  scrumble.

I have been slowly plodding away with my little ¾ hexies for the quilt.
Not a very interesting photo, but at least it is progress.

And on the 'mini' scene, I have been making and staining more floor boards. 
This is about 60 boards. A long job ahead still.

Thats all for now.
See you in the next post.


Judy ~ Some Finished and a Post, Finally!

This pair of booties set off a frenzy of booty knitting, two more pairs of this pattern, and then a hat and booty set.

This pair is for a choir friend's new grandson.

This pair is by request in purple for my granddaughter's math teacher's baby girl due in June along with the set from yarn I already had in my stash.

And then there are the hats:

This one has already been delivered to a quilting friend who's undergoing chemo for pancreatic cancer. I changed the pattern a bit, doing a cuff of 1X1 rib and stockinette for the rest, knitting it with  a mohair yarn combined with a sock yarn with fun results. 

Next on my list were two hats, one for each of our daughters for our upcoming trip to the mountains.

Now there are only five pom poms left of the 12 bargain ones, and I am now free to work on my "real" projects.  Wish me luck as I won't be finishing this month's "choices" once again.

Angela ~ Flower Pin for Easter

A dear friend asked me to create a flower corsage pin she could attach to her hat for Easter.
I really wanted peony type flowers but they only came in pink.  Her dress is black & blue with white flowers and green leaves.  The straw hat is blue.
I took the flowers off the stems and took off the plastic centers.

Then I tacked down the flowers to the felt backing and created new centers with beads.

I put small blue flowers behind the large white ones and they have seed pearl centers.
The felt is the same color as the blue flowers and I sewed on a pin to make it easy to add and remove from her hat.

Sorry my photos are not that great.  I had to replace my computer and all I could afford was a chromebook which is not exactly a computer.  I have not gotten a photo editing app yet.  I am new to apps vs. software.  But I'm learning! 

Moira: finishes

A couple of finishes and a start-

the first commissioned passport wallet has been finished and delivered via the mail to my friend.

 Wedding quilt was finished early instead of the night before I leave for the wedding...lol.
 The right side of the quilt

Corners got appliqued hearts after the binding was done in order to repair some damage that  didn't see until I got it back from the quilter (not her fault!).

I also got the skirt for the wedding this coming weekend made, but did not get a pic of it.  Used a charcoal grey heathered knit for it and put an elastic waist in it.

And the next commission in progress.  Binding currently being pinned down for final stitching.  However having said that I'm thinking of taking the black off and replacing it with the same Mickey print already in it.   Strap will be out of the black.

Next one after this is cut out it will be worked on next week.  Frogs and polka dots will be fabrics in it.

March 20, 2018

Cyra ~ Scrumbling & Craft room tour

A belated Happy St. Paddy's Day to all who celebrate.
This is my own design for a shamrock, which I attached to a hair slide and wore in my hair for the weekend. 

I've been scrumbling again.

I've had a big sort out in my craft studio to make room for a dedicated 'art-space' as well now.
Loving the natural light that I get from the window.

My drawing board table can be tilted to any angle and also can be adjusted height ways too. Love it.
The black shelves hold the paints, acrylic, guache and water-colours.
The tan shelves hold my oil paints on the bottom shelf, all my containers of soft-pastels are on the 2nd shelf up, my journals and sketch pads next shelf up. All sorts of marker pens and inks on the next shelf, and then on the very top are things like masking fluid, rubbers, glue, and my larger art paper pads.
Under the table are two of my easels (the larger easels are stored in the garage.
The table holds my most frequently used supplies, i.e. china mixing trays, water container, brushes, pencils, and art crayons.

The armchair is where I do crochet and embroidery (or just chill out with a book).
Opposite the armchair is the sewing table which double up as a weaving table too.
Behind where I'm standing and to my left is the miniatures work station and my book shelves, plus another ranch slider (windows & door) the same as that one by the art table.
(I've not tidied that area so no photos, lol).

Hope you enjoyed that little tour of my art space.

I'm off to do some drawing now, catch you next next time.

Happy Crafting