March 13, 2018

Angela ~ Beaded Medicine Bag Part 1

I'm working on a medicine bag for a male friend.  I've never made one before.
And of course finances are too tight to buy anything.
So I am using what I have on hand, leather scraps I got at Goodwill last year, seed beads from my bead stash and quilting thread.
Looks like I need to work a little more on the black beads to pull them into line.  The seed beads I have are not uniform in size.  The yellow ones are not the same opaque as the others but the opaque ones had too small of holes.  I have beading needles but they won't go through the leather.
The one on the left is a medicine wheel and will be on the back.
This is the front and the design is the universe.  What looks like blank spaces is actually gold beads.
I plan to make & add fringe to the bottom, not sure about the flap edge yet.  And it will have a leather strap to be worn like a necklace.  

I have my garden beds ready and Mom bought me some seed potatoes today, I have plenty of bean seeds and Mom wants me to plant some corn - never grown corn before.

Judy ~ Just Some Booties

Not too much to report this week. I did finish these booties which have been delivered to our daughter who will send them to her friend and former roommate's newly arrived son.

And now it's back to work on some other WIPs. How is it that I have so many?  Have a great week everyone!

Moira - Lots going on

First thing done was this wall hanging that is going to the worship pastor and his wife at the church I attend.   She just had their first child last week.

The back of the wall hanging was used for everyone at the baby shower the church gave them to sign.
Then in doing some straightening and cleaning on Saturday in my sewing room (prep for moving) I found three more pieces of fabric as potential linings for the purse I have to get made myself.   I'm leaning towards the bottom right, but only have a yard of it so it may not work.   Second choice is the floral on the top of the pic. 

I also finished off the remaining two of these four commissioned pot holders.  They will be mailed out sometime this week (once I get paid for them).

And in process now is this commissioned passport wallet.   And I was told that someone would buy one if I made it in Mickey Mouse fabrics.....hmmmmmm, gotta think about that.   Aiming to have this one done by the end of the week.

And I spent Saturday morning on the house hunt once again and ended up putting an offer in on this lovely house.   All paperwork has been signed and the offer accepted, so I'm now a homeowner in   Inspection will be sometime this week, followed by all of the other stuff that has to be done to close in just under month.....

Packing and sorting out will be the order of the day for the next 4-6 weeks or so for me.......complicated by the fact that I have at least one commission to complete (really should do a 2nd so I don't misplace the fabric in the move) and I have to get the purse for myself made before the end of the month.   And I'll be gone for 5 days the end of the month for a wedding to boot........yikes...............

March 6, 2018

Cyra ~ Three different projects

Little bits are progressing on a few different projects.

Back into drawing again. A quick hand sketch for practice.

The Pilli Pala Dolls House

All the kitchen walls are up now, and the entrance hall next to the kitchen is almost done.
The checkered floor is a paper sheet that came with the house. Not sure that I like this look,  so I shall probably create some other flooring (and a better quality) than this. 
I think a wood floor would look better - watch this space, lol.

Auditioning some wood strips for flooring. I will remove the bent pieces from this pile first though.


That is a spiral scrumble to be added to a few other scrumbles (ok, LOTS of other scrumbles) to create something -- I don't know what it will be until I have few more of them made, then it will tell me what it wants to be -- a bag, a hat, a garment, a wall hanging, whatever.

That's my lot for now.

Happy Crafting

Judy ~ Finally!

Sorry to be such a lackadaisical poster, but somehow Tuesday is already gone when I think about posting.  I do have a few completed projects to share, however.  (And lots more partially completed ones of all types scattered all over the house as well.)  Will I ever learn?

All five GK hats are now finished and will be put to good use later this month when we gather as a family.

I also finished a couple of dishcloths.  The Christmasy one was discovered in the bottom of one of numerous project bags, partially finished. Here's the link to the first one. Have a great week!

Moira - rabbit trails and finishing projects

Rabbit trails and finishing off of projects was the order of business for this past week.

This top is flannel and started with the green & red scraps.   The print was in my stash and matched perfectly.  Current size is 36" square and I'm debating about whether to add another border or not.

This top was made with the scraps from at least 2 different charm packs bought at my local quilt store.  Top is 40" by 46" and I'm debating adding one more border of the butterfly fabric to it.

Passport wallet made as a test.  Used scraps in making it.  Folded in half here, size is 10" tall by 6" wide.  Pocket where cell phone is will be replace by a zippered pocket.
Outside cover....
Inside of wallet - space for boarding pass, paper money, a pen, credit cards and a passport.   RFID fabric has been used in the right hand side pocket material where the passport will be.   Next one will also have it in the cover.  Also to be added to this - a removable strap and some sort of closure.   And it looks like I have my first order for one of these.    Took about 3 hrs to make and scraps from 3 different FQ's.
And a pic to show it in use.   I've also pulled fabric for another passport wallet that has been commissioned by a friend.  Will show pics of that next week.

Coming up this week - starting the binding on the wedding quilt, Finishing the commissioned potholders, starting the commissioned passport wallet that has been ordered, and who knows what else.

And last but not least I've been tempted to take this hard-back calendar from last year and make a journal like Angela does because I like the artwork on the front cover.............however, I have nothing else that would be needed to do it so I'm going to behave myself and not start this kind of  a project.   So Angela, would you like this calendar to use in your journal making?   I'd be happy to mail it off to you if the answer is yes.

February 27, 2018

Cyra ~ Working in miniature again

Last week our power got knocked out by Cyclone Gita, hence no post last week.
We survived the storm with little damage to the property thank goodness, just a few large tree branches came down. More firewood to give to the neighbours, lol.

Working on the miniature items for the dolls house is so much fun.

This small blanket/afghan for the bed is finished now and on the bed that I have shown you in a previous post. It is crocheted in embroidery threads, and each block is about 1" small. In real life the granny square blanket would be bigger, but as this is for decoration purpose only, I want the underneath bedding to be seen too.

Construction of the house has started at last now that Tony has cut me a base board to work on.
One downstairs room is almost complete.

And the kitchen table was a new start for this week.

Today is an embroiders guild work day and I shall be stitching on the miniature rug.

See you next time with more miniatures

Happy Stitching

Angela ~ New Journal Covers

Not any sewing yet but between other things and commitments I have been working on 2 new journals, this time for myself.
This is just the cover, its empty inside though I have some pages completed.  I wasn't sure I wanted this print for this particular journal but didn't have funds to buy anything different as I would have had to order some online.  It must have been serendipity because the cardstock I am using for the pages are all these same colors and everything works well together.
Another journal for myself with peacock fabric I bought months ago.  I adore peacocks and wanted to make a visual journal of just peacocks and similar colored birds.
This is an old typing manual so it flips open at the top.
I removed almost 2/3 of the pages because as you glue in images you are adding 2 layers to every page.  Then I painted pages with craft paint, fairly thinly and the paper is so good it barely curled on the edges.  I was also in a painty paper swap with 2 other people and the paper on the left, among many others, was done by a swap partner.  The swap asked for favorite colors and I received all the peacock colors I could have wanted.  Those papers are pasted onto the ones actually in the book and bird images will go on top in random patterns.

Moira: Finishes

Did finish the publication project, but can't show the front of it so here's a pic of the back.  =)  The backing was another piece of the fabric from Hoffman, and was cut in a continuous piece on the length of grain.   I had told them just enough on what I needed to have it work.   Project was mailed off yesterday and should be delivered tomorrow....good timing 'cause it was due there on 3/06.

Also mailed off my art quilt challenge yesterday so that is out of my hair as well.
 And I finally finished off this cross-body purse.  Fabrics used are assorted silk scraps for the body, a linen/rayon blend for the strap and binding, and a cotton for the bag lining and pocket.  This one will be for sale once i have time to list it on etsy.

Front of the bag.  Button was one of the many that I bought on clearance for pennies on the dollar last year at Joann's.

 A total of 3 inner compartments in this one thanks to the little pocket I added to it. 

Next up - Finish making the last two potholders that were commissioned by one person.  I need to make myself a purse because the one I'd been using fell apart and I can't find what I like in the stores.  I've also got 4 pillow covers coming up, and need to figure out what i'm going to wear to a daytime wedding the end of March.......oh, and figure out where I'm going to move to by the end of  And there are a couple of special projects coming up for the blog......just a little going on these days.

And I need to redesign a block for the new BOM that I was doing for this year because I had someone contact me accusing me of having infringed on her pattern.   Not something I had done because I had never even heard of her site or work.   But because the patterns are similar, I can't release my lion block.  =(  And may have to rethink some of the animals I'd intended to use for mine.  =P  Or else come up with a new idea totally for a BOM this year.

Susan: Something to show

This block is finished and joined into its row! Yay!


and the row:

One more block to go - the central cottage.

February 20, 2018

Moira: Getting there....

Made lots of progress this past week.

The top for the baby room wallhanging was finished.   And the back as well (used for signatures).   Still to be put together and finished.

Also finished was the top for the table runner that is being published by QuiltMaker magazine in their Quilts from 100 Blocks magazine.  PP'd unites shown here 'cause I can't post a pic of it online till after the magazine is published.   This weeks task include getting this basted, quilted, bound and labeled.

 My next scrappy project will probably be working with these scraps from charm squares (at least a couple of different fabric lines).    There are 46 or so different pieces all different and all widely varying in looks.   Definitely eclectic in nature.   QUilt will be donated after finishing.

I have an idea of how I'm going to put it together but am auditioning different background fabrics.  At the moment I'm leaning towards the top one (the blue), but haven't decided for sure.

February 13, 2018

Cyra ~ Happy Valentine Day


The only thing I've got to show this week is a broken plate.

Here is my stitched plate.

And here it is broken...... (cut apart)

Then I put glue (stitches) on all the broken edges.

And then stuck (stitched) it back together again.

Close up of repair job, lol.

That was all in the name of experimenting and having fun.

See you next week. 

Judy~When Will I Ever Learn?

Is it possible to have SMS (second mitt syndrome) along with the other issue called SSS (second sock syndrome)?  Well, silly me joined a mystery mitt KAL last month, and now I have a pretty mitt that needs a mate.  However, this little critter gave me some grief, so its friend will just have to wait in time out while I work on some other stuff.

Here's the culprit.  It was good practice on attaching beads with a crochet hook as well as using Vikkel (Estonian) braid on something other than a hat.  While its mate hibernates, I am going to work on some hats for the GK as well as some "what was I thinking" sock KALs.  Here's one hat all finished, and more about the sock projects in another post.

The littlest Miss picked out the pom pom. I'm hoping to finish four more hats for the rest of the GK before our family trip to CO at the end of well as those Sock KALs.  When will I learn?  Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

February 6, 2018

Cyra ~ Cloth Doll & Mini Bed

The cloth doll has progressed and now has most of her clothes made. 
Just a few finishing touches to add.
This is a group project, and there are actually 5 cloth dolls being made as a joint group project by about 10 members of the group. We are all adding 'bits' to each doll, and they are all turning out to be so different.

Update on my miniature bed - two pillows made, and a crochet blanket.
Now planning a granny square blanket (or something similar) to drape over the foot of the bed, and maybe an embroidered cushion or two are needed as well.

And in other news - 
My knitting skills have come on in leaps and bounds this year. Here are two more test patterns that I've tried over the last couple of days.

Woohoo, I'm liking my new craft.