July 18, 2017

Cyra ~ Freeform Weaving

I've been on a weaving spree this week again.
This is the start of a peacock inspired freeform weaving.

I have, actually, got more progress on this piece, but have not taken a current photo of it.

Not a lot of anything else done, apart from more crocheting of my coral reef project, but again, I'm not taking photos of that until it is significantly bigger..... and I have also done some more work on my hexie quilt, which is coming along nicely now (I didn't think you'd be interested to see loads of black hexies tacked together, hence no updated photos, lol). Still got a whole heap more yet to make, so I'll be busy for many months/years on it yet. This is the ¾" hexies quilt.

Happy Stitching


ladyhawthorne said...

OOOOh, all my favorite colors in one piece! Of course I love peacocks too. Maybe I should try some weaving, what type of loom do you use?

Cyra said...

Yes I remember that you like peacocks, lol, and I thought you would enjoy seeing this weaving project.
Usually I use my big Ashfords rigid heddle table loom to weave on, but for this smaller project I wanted it more portable so I could take it with me to weekly craft group meetings and work on it there, so this is a pictureframe make-shift loom that is about 8" x 10".

Judy S. said...

Very interesting! I'd never heard of free form weaving before, only free form knitting. Love the colors, some of my faves.