July 11, 2017

Angela ~ Bible Cover Finished!

I've finished the bible cover and put it on my poor overused bible.  It looks much nicer than the old tattered one.

I'm thinking of doing some covers for the small pocket New Testaments and seeing if I could sell any.  Small would be less expensive as the embroidery takes hours.   I could also add beads as I have tons of them on hand. 
Here are some I found on Pinterest that inspire me:
Any opinions?


Moira said...

I love the examples that you found, esp. the last two. I think the smaller ones would be a good place to start and maybe offer the larger on a custom basis only.

Cyra said...

Your bible cover is beautiful Angela. The purple cross on the front really stands out in its field of red flowers.
The last one of your examples is my favourite. I love the gold and white (or is it silver?) against that darker background, and it would probably not be as much work as the other three examples.

Judy S. said...

Love your Bible cover! The first sample is my favorite, but it sure looks difficult.