July 11, 2017

Cyra ~ Bunting and blossoms

Crochet granny triangles and plain triangles in extremely bright colours...

.....make bunting for my town yarn bombing later this year....

I love the play of shadows on the wall here, lol.

The Great Opunake Coral Reef is under way. It will be on display at the same time as the towns yarn bomb event.
Lots more to add to this yet.


A freeform weaving I made last week has already been 'adopted' by a friend who fell in love with it.


And something else woven.
A Flax leaf woven into a pair of flowers.


Well, I think that's me caught up. 
I have other projects on the go which I might be able to show you next week.

Until then..... happy stitching.



ladyhawthorne said...

That bunting will certainly get some attention. Love the coral reef, fantastic! Love the weavings also. I used to weave palm fronds into crosses for all the kids at church on Palm Sundays long ago.

Cyra said...

Thanks Angela, the bright neon colours will definitely cheer the high street up.

Judy S. said...

What a neat assortment of projects to keep you out of mischief. No one will miss your bunting, that's for sure. Yarn bombings are so fun; there hasn't been one here for quite a while. Love what you did with the flax leaves; did you have to soak them to keep them from breaking?

Moira said...

The weaving is beautiful! I don't blame your friend for 'adopting' it. =) All of your other projects are very interesting.

Cyra said...

Thanks Judy, the flax leaves do not need soaking. As long as they are fairly freshly picked, they can be manipulated nicely, and then they fix themselves permanently in position once they start to dry out.

Thanks Moira. I've now started another weaving as it's so much fun.