August 8, 2017

Moira - Finishes and Progress

Pic of the finished row-by-row with me holding my prizes for being the first one to turn it in at the store.
Got the sides added to these strip sets.  They will square up to 10" unfinished (I think....) or else 9.5" unfinished.   They will be the alternate blocks for the hat box blocks below.   And i need to double check the size on these so that I know what to trim these too.  

I will be making a pattern from these two blocks that an online friend sent me.  Then I'll be making 3 more blocks to go with these in coordinating prints.   That will be next after finishing up a project with a deadline coming up.

And the latest scrappy critter quilt.  Not totally happy with the placement of all squares in the background (a couple in the bottom left bug me because they are close to the light purples in intensity), but I'm not going back and redoing them.    I used 3.5" cut squares and the same width for the border.
This will be for sale once quilted.  I plan to just cross-hatch quilt this one and the other critter quilts.   Am planning on using a scrappy binding on it (have lots of binding pieces to choose from).


ladyhawthorne said...

Great photo of you & the quilt! Love the hat boxes, I can see those is real girly girl bedroom. The puppies are adorable.

Cyra said...

Congrats on your quilt and the prize. Great job.
Love the hat boxes and I adore those lovely puppies.