August 1, 2017

Cyra ~ Peacock Feather Weaving

Progress on my peacock feather weaving, it is almost finished now, just sewing in the loose ends.

I will add a button to one end and a 'loop' to the other, then it will be a wrist band/bracelet type thingy.

I've had a houseful of family visiting for a long weekend. It was great fun.
We went up the mountain to play in the snow and had fun with snowball fights and snowman building.
A lovely crisp day with few clouds, so the views were awesome.
One of my sons hasn't seen the snow since before we left England over 17 yrs ago, so this was a fantastic weekend for him. Even old kids get excited in the snow, lol.


ladyhawthorne said...

Love the weaving, you will be so stylish wearing it!

Oh my that snow looks delightful, we've been over 100 nearly every day for about 5 weeks. Today we finally had a break and even had a little rain.

Cyra said...

Thanks Angela, I look forward to wearing it soon.

The snow is only at the very top of Mt. Egmont. When we left the mountain we went to the beach. That shows just how much the temperatures vary in Taranaki here.

Moira said...

the weaving looks great! And the snow day sounds like a lot of fun for everyone there. =)