July 4, 2017

Judy ~ It's Tuesday, but I'm Late!

This is shawl # 2 which has been delivered, but shawl 3 is still waiting to go to its new home.

  I am hoping not to need to knit any more of these for a while!

A good lesson was learned with my last finish, too. When you wait a few years to make sock #2, you have forgotten a lot.  My second sock had to be ripped out when I realized the heel was  started too late and said sock was going to fit a giant.  Sigh.  Live and learn, eh?  Well, it's getting late.  There are lots of other photos to share, and I will do so soon.  Hope you are having great Fourth!


Moira said...

Beautiful work on the shawls and socks!

ladyhawthorne said...

The shawls are lovely and will be much appreciated I'm sure.

Those socks are pretty, glad you got the heel in order, they would be too pretty to stuff back in a box again.

No worries on the post time, glad you are here.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy. I really like those shawls. There are a lot of nights here in spring and fall when they would be just perfect.