July 18, 2017

Angela ~ Mini Bible Cover

I've been working on a mini bible cover.  The embroidery is done.
I used silk, metallic & cotton threads on a tightly woven off white fabric.
Here's shot that shows the texture of the pomegranates.

The design is 4" tall. 
I made a black cotton cover for the little New Testament, now I just need to attach the embroidered part.  I tried yesterday and did not like how it looked so I took it apart and will try again, I want the black to sort of act like a border.


Cyra said...

Wow, love those pomegranates. If it is only 4" tall, that is a LOT of beautiful tiny stitching.
The black border will definitely set if off well.

Judy S. said...

Awesome! Such beautiful stitching!

Moira said...

Beautiful stitching!