June 27, 2017

Moira - Distractions

Was distracted this past week by the 2017 Row-by-Row shop hop starting.   I went "hopping" on both Friday and Saturday and found some lovely goodies along with getting 8 row patterns.

In my sewing, I  got the sample block for a new block made.   Pattern is still to be written up so that  I can get the pattern posted for sale.  This is Misty the mischievous kitten who is playing in her owners hatbox.   Background was from one of the FQ's that were part of what I received in a swap last Christmas, the shoe box and hat were made with fabric I bought on the hop and everything else was scraps.

Next up, I made progress on the scrap quilt that will be made featuring these fabrics I found in a quilt store in the 2016 row-hop.   Still trying to decide what to use for background, so this is on a back burner again.

And finally, because I couldn't decide what colors to use for the dogs, I decided to start a project with the remaining small pieces of pinks that I didn't want to put back in my stash.  24 squares wide by 29 rows tall..........all 2" finished squares.  There is a reason why I don't normally work with squares this size.......it's time consuming!   lol  Thankfully I had a baggie full of white 2 1/2" squares already cut.  When I get to the legs, I'm thinking I'll cut some 2 1/2" strips and piece them together in sets of 6 strips and then subcut to make the bottom 40% go faster than this top part is.  All the fabric in this is from scraps.

This coming weekend is a long weekend for me and I'm looking forward to time to sew.  Altho I've also thought about doing one more day of hopping here in the southern and western part of the metroplex.   If I do that will wipe out a full day because of the distances and time to make the drive.


ladyhawthorne said...

I just love Misty! Of course I am partial to kitties. The row hop sounds like fun, glad you enjoyed it.
I like the start to your new quilt squares, the colors are pretty.
All those squares are very time consuming. The last quilt I made was 2 1/2" squares and it was larger than a king size when I finished it. Took months doing it by hand.

Moira said...

yikes - I'd never manage to get one done by hand, esp. a king size. This will be 42 by 62 I think after I add a border around. This is big enough with this size squares for me!

Cyra said...

Love the cat in the hatbox block. It will be a good seller I think.
Lots of other pretties happening there too I see.

Anonymous said...

Long weekend, as in 4 days off? That'll be really nice! That kitten is too adorable!