June 27, 2017

Angela ~ Getting There Little by Little

Some more progress!
It's come to life and I'm making good progress, even if I did have to spend the last 3 days making pickles.

Our next door neighbor gave us a bushel of cucumbers, many of which were over sized.  I have made some dehydrated slices with ranch seasoning on them -not bad, some muffins with grated cukes -pretty good, and 14 quarts & 5 pints of bread & butter pickles.  I don't want to see any more cucumbers for a long time.


Kate said...

Very pretty!

Moira said...

very nice! Love bread and butter pickles! Enjoy the fruits of your work.

Cyra said...

This is a gorgeous embroidery.
Sounds like you have stocked your pantry with pickles very well, lol.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of pickles! I have a friend who makes my favorite pickles for me, but only about 5-7 pints each summer - they're lime pickles, and sweet and crunchy. I really like the way you used the two greens on the leaves - a little extra texture and interest. Really does look like a joyful heart. =)